The $35 Android tablet on track to launch in January

Techpp reports that Sakshat, the $35 Android tablet from India, is on track to be launched in January 2011!

The Govt. of India has awarded the manufacturing contract to HCL Technologies. It’s reported that the government has allocated Rs. 30 Crore for the project, and will be producing 1 million units in the first phase.

The tablet will come with three screen sizes, 5″, 7″ and 10″. It will have the standard connectivity options (WiFi, Bluetooth), although there is no word yet is it’ll have GPS or cellular connectivity. It will come with the standard google apps, but if there is no cellular connectivity, it won’t have access to the Android Marketplace. It will be running a resistive touchscreen, so there’ll be no multitouch.

Techpp also has a video of the tablet in action, clickthrough to this link to check it out.

It’s no iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab competitor, but with the main aim of the tablet being about bringing access to the internet to Indian Students, it should do pretty well.

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Source: Techpp, Livemint

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