The New Waterproof Fujistu – Toshiba Smartphone

Are you worried about carrying your multi-functional and multi-featured smartphone while you are holidaying? You may be anxious to carry your mobile with you when you are relaxing at the beach front or swimming pool or water fountains. There are times that you and your lover mobile may be drenched in rain in spite of your extreme care. Thanks to the new phone from Fujitsu-Toshiba; you are free to carry your mobile wherever you want. The waterproof smartphone from Fujitsu-Toshiba makes you smart enough to talk even when it is raining. You can take snaps and record videos from the underwater world with the new smartphone.

Fujitsu supplies mobile phones to NTT DoCoMo Inc, Japan’s biggest mobile phone operator and Toshiba supplies cell phones to KDDI Corp, Japan’s second largest telecom company. Fujitsu has traditional strengths in the design of water resistant mobile phones, usage of finger print technology and making of mobile phones for old people. Toshiba is successful in making its presence in the smartphone market by supplying Microsoft windows based smartphones in Japan, Asia and Europe. Ever since the mobile phone business of Fujitsu and Toshiba was merged in October, 2010 they were swift in making moves to present a breed of smartphones to the world markets.

Androids have made their way in the world of smartphones. The latest smartphone announced by Fujitsu-Toshiba comes with waterproof body with Wimax and 13 mega pixel Camera. The smartphone named as Arrows Z comes with 2.3.5 Android OS, dual core processor, 1 GB RAM, 4.3” LCD display with 1280×720 resolution. Waterproof body, digital TV Tuner, e-wallet function and video recording at its highest accuracy with 13 MP Camera are other remarkable features of this smartphone. The ultra new model from Fujitsu-Toshiba can be connected to other digital gadgets through various ports including HDMI, micro SDHC and micro USB.


The phone weighs 131 grams with a sleek thickness of just 10.1 mm. Japan’s second biggest carrier KDDI plans to offer Arrows Z to its subscribers from the month of November, 2011. It may take few more months to launch the phone in other markets including US and Europe. Fujitsu Toshiba Arrows Z ISW11F is one of the 6 new models unveiled by KDDI for the coming winter season. The collaboration between Fujitsu and Toshiba has yielded a host of smartphones. The phone equipped with Gingerbread Android OS may challenge the current dominant player in the market, Softbank. The phone’s display features are closer to Samsung Galaxy S2 model HD LTE.

Having witnessed the brunt of sales in the domestic market and no scope for further expansion, Fujitsu has eyed the tremendous potential of smartphones in the world market. The joint venture brought down the number of mobile phone manufacturing companies from 10 to 6 in Japan. The current market is dominated by Nokia and Samsung which produce smartphones on large scale and cater to the worldwide market. The Japan based joint venture Fujitsu-Toshiba is all set to tap the global smartphone market.

It will be interesting to watch how the Arrows Z will resist the market in spite of its resistance to water! Will it float or sink to the market currents or current market? Let us know your thoughts.

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