The Nokia BH-905i Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

The cool folks at WOMWorld were kind enough to send us the BH-905i headphones for review a few weeks back. But with hectic work and travel schedules, this post has been on the back-burner for a while. We had a chance to review the older brother of this headphone, the BH-950 last year, and I have high hopes for this model. Let’s get to see whether the BH-905i lives up to it.

What’s in the pack?

The BH-905i’s carry case is for one less cluttered than the one which came with the older BH-905. On opening the case, we found the headphones and a smaller pouch with the charger, headphone cables and a whole set of connectors.


So you don’t have to worry about wired connectivity with this baby. You have the standard 3.5mm connector to connect to your phones or portable media players, 2.5mm connector which some of the phones require, the bigger 6.5mm one for your Home Audio systems,  the airplane connectors to enjoy the selection of in-flight music and a 3.5mm iPhone compatible connector! Phew. That’s one long list. But wait, we almost forgot that this is a Bluetooth headphone, so it goes wireless as well!

Being a Nokia product, it’s not limited to connecting only with Nokia devices by Bluetooth. You can pair this baby with other compatible handsets and even your desktop as well.

Wearing Comfort

The earpieces are not too big but are nice, soft and comfortable as long as you’re in a cool place. It does get a tad warm if you’re out and about, especially in warmer places like Chennai. It’s not too bad though. The earlier BH-905 did feel a bit like it would fall off your head if you moved around too much, the BH-905i feels more in place and won’t fall off that easily.

Noise Cancellation

[ad#ga-cbox-left]This is where this device really comes to play. The BH-905i comes with 8 noise cancellation microphones! Nokia claims that it can reduce around 99% of ambient noise around you. Want to take it for a test drive? Just charge the headphones first and then without connecting it to any music source, wear it and then turn on the ANC button at the bottom of the head left earpiece. Immediately most of the noise around you just goes away. I found that it was really effective with lower frequencies but it did let though some of the noise in the higher frequency range.

Pair this with some good music, and you’re all set to enjoy your collection even in the noisiest of locations. I tried it on the train on the way to Chennai, in the noisy airport and on the flight on the way back home and it was a pleasure to have the BH-905i along with me on the trip.

One word of advise, at the airport, keep an eye out on the airline schedules on the screen, because you certainly are going to miss hearing the announcements if you’ve got the noise cancellation settings on!

Use it as a Bluetooth Phone headset as well. Apart from the 8 microphones, it’s got 2 more just to pick up your voice. The BH-905 can be used to answer your calls on the mobile. The 2 microphones help boost your voice so the other end can hear you better.

Controlling your Music & Calls

The outer side of the right headsets come with controls to play and pause your music, skip the current track and go back to the previous one. You can also answer your calls without having to hunt around for your phone.

Near the Active Noise Cancellation switch on the left earpiece you have your volume control as well.

Tip: This headphone comes with a way to activate a Bass Booster option to really pump up your music. All you need to do is to quickly press the  power button while connected on Bluetooth. You’ll hear a beep and the increase in the bass levels in your music. You can go up two more levels by quickly pressing on the power button again.

Charging and Battery life

This takes quite a long time to charge, so charge well in advance before you travel. It takes around 2-3 hours charge. The wait is well worth it because you can enjoy pure music with the noise cancellation on for 12 straight hours or double that if you disable the noise cancellation. That’s if you’re wireless. If you go wired, then this baby lasts for 40 hours of music playback.

Wrap up

The BH-905i indeed lives up to the high expectations I had of it. Nokia did improve on the BH-905 to get to this device without loosing out on the good points of the previous product. I’m not a hardcore audiophile, but I love listening to music and the BH-905i does make that task  a real pleasure!

I would have loved to pick up the BH-905i, if the costs were a tad less. A quick look on showed that this baby is selling for around 13,000 rupees!  I found a listing on Amazon Selling it at a discounted price of $199 ( around Rs. 8000), maybe if someone’s coming in from the US, I may be tempted to get it at that price!

Technical Specifications

For those of you who’re interested in this stuff, here’s the lowdown on the BH-905i

  • Universal compatibility with devices supporting wireless Bluetooth technology: Bluetooth Specification 2.1 + EDR, Headset Profile (HSP) 1.2, Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.1, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) 1.2 and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.0
  • Wired connectivity: Compatible with 3.5mm headset jack inputs
  • Speaker drivers: 32mm high performance driver
  • sFrequency response: 15Hz to 20kHz
  • Battery: Li-ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery 600 mAh
  • Operating time: 24 hours of talk time; 25 hours of music playback; 15 hours of talk time with active noise cancellation; 16 hours of music playback with active noise cancellation; 40 hours of wired music playback
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Standby time: 600 hours (25 days)

and here’s what comes in the sales pack:

Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth Stereo Headset, carrying case, charger, user guide and the following cables and adapters:

  • Nokia Audio Cable CA-143U with 3.5mm Nokia AV connector (~1.2m)
  • Nokia Audio Cable CA-182U with 3.5mm iPhone compatible connector (~1.2m)
  • Nokia Extension Audio Cable CA-144U (~1.7m)
  • Nokia AV Adapter AD-52 for 2.5 mm Nokia AV
  • Nokia Audio Adapter AD-63 for standard 3.5 mm jack
  • Nokia Adapter AD-71 for airplane
  • Nokia Adapter AD-70 for 6.3 mm home stereo


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