The Nokia N9 countdown begins

Can’t stand buttons? Looking to buy a new smartphone? If you are willing to wait another 49 days, you can snap up the much awaited Nokia N9, according to Nokia’s landing page. The N9 is Nokia’s first and last Meego device that will see the light of day and it sure is a beauty. The phone has the brains to go with its stunning looks, sort of like a supermodel on steroids. Poor analogies apart, Nokia have setup a countdown clock to aid those with short term memory loss. Long story short, the N9 is coming and coming soon. Is the N9 going to make you part with your money, or are you waiting for Nokia’s Mango phones?


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    1. We’re not too sure yet if the N9 has World Clock installed by default, but apps should soon be available for the N9 on the Ovi Store.

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