The Phone that Works for up to 15 Years

A new phone that works for up to 15 years is going to be launched soon. Xpal Power (mobile accessories manufacturing company) is the brain behind this innovative technology. The new phone is going to be made available for less than $50. If the dream phone lands into your hands, you will be free from any kind of botherations especially during emergencies. Even if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the journey and if you don’t have even the last point of your Smartphone’s power, you are still through as you will be able to call from the ‘never dying always alive’ new wonder phone, SpareOne. The SpareOne is named after the purpose that it really serves. It is really a spare one when all your ways of communication channels are cut off. It is like a beacon in the storm. Let us have some more light on this new phone, SpareOne.


Interestingly, SpareOne is not much sophisticated to offer you all kinds of luxuries even a basic model of a branded phone offers. It is so simple that it functions with minimum features. The phone comes with a microSIM and it has the facility to call emergency numbers as well as place regular calls. You can place emergency calls even where there is no SIM inserted into the phone. SpareOne has a list of use cases for the device, check it out, here.

Unlike RF handsets which communicate through radio signals without the need of any satellites, SpareOne is going to work on GSM technology (in terms of signal transmission) that is used in the current generation of mobile phones. The significant difference comes in the way it logs phone calls and allows to make phone calls. At the outset, the idea may look so imprudent yet it gives ample opportunity to implement ‘B’ kind of plan when all kinds of conventional communication channels are closed. The question to be answered here is how the phone is going to survive for up to 15 years by being powered with AA battery. As a matter of fact, the shelf life of AA batteries is of the maximum of 4 years. It is news for layman that AA battery can expand in delivering goods for 15 years. The company specifies that it has a “pull me out isolator” that deals with battery discharge when the device is not in use. You can learn more about that, here. They also specify the kind of battery that provides this standby time, which is the Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91.

As per the reports, the dual band GSM phone will have two variants, one for the Americas (850 & 1900 MHz) and one for the rest of the world (900 & 1900 MHz). The phone will be made available at an affordable price of $49.99. As per the information available from the project director of SpareOne, the phone is intended to be used for emergencies to be left in the car and restaurants so that any kind of emergency calls could be attended. The phone can be used in roadside emergencies, outdoor adventures and tourist excursions. SpareOne can be pre-programmed to get instant access of key phone numbers.

You can learn more about SpareOne by visiting their website.

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