The Reinvention – Mozilla Firefox Browser’s Tablet Version

Smartphones, Mobile phones and Tablets usually get their web browsers in-built from their own manufacturers (Chrome Browser on Android, Safari on iOS and IE on Windows). People and users too were not very particular about using an exclusive browser on their tablets and smartphones. But now, they might just start choosing the web browsers for their devices as Mozilla, a non-profit organisation to make the web experience better, is releasing its version of Firefox browser exclusively for tablets running on Android. Though it is speculated to be a version developed on Android 3.0, still there are no confirmed reports on whether it will be working on Android Gingerbread or on Honeycomb.

It was just some weeks back in August, 2011 that Mozilla released some of the designs of its Firefox version optimised for tablets in ablog post. According to Ian Barlow, a Mozilla mobile user designer, “Firefox for tablets would be a step forward compared to its predecessors with added advantages to enhance the Firefox experience and suit the tablet’s larger screen size“. This version is supposedly based on the same Gecko layout engine of the version used in smart phones (known to be as Fennec).

It is still retaining some of its familiar visual elements known to be famous with the Firefox users such as its distinctive tab shape and the signature big back button. The designer also wrote that his team has been working very hard to make Firefox look awesome on tablets and is including new themes, the Awesomebar and the tabs. Ian Barlow has said that the theme of this version would be very much like that of the Honeycomb design theme.

They have intentionally removed some of the features on the user interface to suit the mobile application. But this time around, they can and intend to bring in all those helpful features to the tablet optimised web browser. In landscape mode, the tabs are seen on the left side of the menu helping the users to view increased results on the screen. You can switch through the tabs with your left thumb and scroll down the content you are viewing on the web using your right thumb. A portrait mode on the tablet frees up the browsing space of your screen as the tabs turn into a menu bar on the top of your screen allowing you to browse more web pages all at once switching in between or you can just view a single page accordingly.

Awesomebar has the same tabbed browsing menu allowing the users to have a quick access to bookmarks, history, and Firefox sync content activity. As we all know that without Awesomebar, Firefox would not be the original version for which we adored it so much.

Since Firefox is based on open-community, it has given the eager audience a glimpse of it’s UI concepts. These are just initial designs and you cannot expect them to be the same, they might get to see some changes when the web browser actually releases.

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