Three Exciting Alternates for Mac Book Air

With its faster Intel processor and a Backlit keyboard, the Mac Book Air has been the most desirable Notebook from the moment it had hit the Market. It is significantly cheaper than the older model which Apple launched two years back. A 13 inch model with a sleek look and a lot slimmer than its predecessors, gives out many additional features such as the USB port, the SD card slot and the stereo speakers. But, if you are not among those who are fanatically dedicated to Apple and can try other Ultraportable Notebooks in the industry today, we promise you that there is no dearth of options and they are certainly worth looking at if you are just going to run Windows on it. And to your surprise, they come with a price tag under $1000 or cost you a little bit more. So, let’s get started to have a look at the latest offerings we came across to help you opt against the incredibly expensive Mac Book Air.

1. MSI X370 ($ 579) – MSI has rolled out its new generation MSI X370 Notebook computer, featuring AMD’s dual-core E-350 fusion processor with its power sipping technology, giving the X370 up to ten hours of battery power per charge. This ultra slim notebook with a gorgeously slender body has the power to keep up with the on-the-go Lifestyle. At only 3.2lb and less than 1″ thick you can travel anywhere while staying connected. AMD’s Radeon HD discrete class audio and video playback, you can enjoy hours of your favourite HD movies with beautiful detail and realistic graphics. Though it doesn’t have the Core i7 processor, you can still opt it for its sleek perfection and ultraportable style.

2. ThinkPad X1 ($ 1,299) – Even with some contemporary touches given to the latest X1, ThinkPad X1 still looks and feels like a ThinkPad especially if you have had an experience with an X series model before. It has got a seamless design but is a little extra thick, weighing around 3.7 pounds. Still, it compensates on the power and options such as 13″ display, USB 3.0, Dolby Home Theatre v4, Advanced VOIP controls and a backlit island style keyboard. You will find yourself interacting with it more than just a Corporate Black Box- but more as a personal Note Book which can extend its battery life with an optional slice battery for 8 hours. It certainly hits the Bull’s eye with its mark.

3. Mac Book Pro ($ 1,199) – If you are still keen on Mac Book, you are not to be blamed. They are just about the slickest, most elegantly designed laptops money can buy. This 13-inch Mac Book Pro boasts much chunkier dimensions and comes with a Core i5 chip as standard. It may be the best fit if you are a student as it comes with educational discounts which essentially mean $999 for students. All things considered, Mac Book Pro fairs well with its faster processor, more storage and more RAM. It helps you handle ordinary tasks and run HD video with fluidity but lets you down if you need to do anything with more computations.

All said and done, it’s still not so easy to compete against Mac book Air. We hope these alternatives would give you an idea about the best possible options available to suit your style and your pockets. Of course if you’re willing to sacrifice a few features, the Dell Laptop deals page also has some similar offerings.

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