Tips for Usage of Google Calendar via Mobile SMS Alerts

Using web services and applications to ease your schedule orientation and plan your day, is an efficient use of the technology. Of the many options currently available for this situation, Google Calendar has been one of the most popular options. It is not difficult to understand the reason why most users prefer this application for their schedule planning around the year.


For one, it is a free program, Google is a top web brand, and the company constantly introduces new developments in the services and applications to make them even more efficient. However, one of the drawbacks, that most users face in this regards, is that they do not have the access to their schedule planned on Google calendar if they do not have an access to the Internet. While, the market is flooded with Smartphones, tablets and other portable devices that can help them get online on the go, these devices are not very cheap and do require a better awareness of technology to use them. Cell phones on the other hand, have the dynamics to be accepted widely and are quite common for most users in the world. There is a distinct advantage to linking your Google Calendar service to your cell phone. It solves the problem of portability of the days’ schedule and clears any conflict of technological and economic issues, which prevent you from adapting to the advanced time planning application.

Here is a detailed look at the way you can combine Google calendar service with your cell phone and access your schedule via regular sms alerts on your mobile.

Synchronize your Mobile with Google Calendar – You have to register your cell phone with Google calendar, in order for the service to recognize your number when you send in a request for notifications. To do this, just get in your Google calendar account and on the upper right corner of the page, click on “tool”. You will get an option list; pick the “calendar settings” to get the form for the cell phone set up. Fill in all the details in the form to align your cell phone with the Google calendar services. The procedure will include a number verification, where in you will be sent a validation code on your mobile and you have to confirm the code in the Google calendar program.

For each individual appointment notification, you can adjust the settings on each appointment slot, to send in automatic notification alerts to the verified number registered with the service. To do this, just go to the “Edit event” option in the particular appointment slot. In the “Reminders” section, arrange for the appointment notification to be sent in to your cell phone at the pre-scheduled hour.

Smart Tips for Better Efficiency – There are some essential tips that you should be aware of, to make use of the service smoothly. It is advisable to look in to an unlimited sms option for your cell phone to make sure that the calendar notifications do not cost you much. You can stop the sms alert any time by just going back to the calendar settings and changing your options in the mobile set up. When selecting your option in the appointment notifications set up, check on sms rather than pop-ups to avoid unnecessary notifications from flooding your inbox consistently. In addition, you can use the service to not just plan your day, but also set up alerts for monthly or even annual events.

The purpose of this service is to make sure you do not miss any important event or task in your life, orienting it with your cell phone ensures that you are kept updated, even when you are away from your computer.

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