Tips to Promote Mobile Applications

The mobile application market is flooded with innumerable applications. most of which are innovative and entertaining. Even though Android is growing (both in terms of market share and the number of applications available), Apple is still able to manage its own market volume. Intense competition prevails in the market among application developers to win prospective customers. As is the case in many industries, a major share of the application market is held by very few companies.




Let us find the prospects of new entrants in application development and marketing sphere –


1. Create Interest & Demand – Unique and useful features presented by products and services will always win the hearts of customers. Similarly, to be noticed and established in application market, the new application should have unique concept and unique ways of solving issues and unique features to add entertainment proportion. By attributing unique proportion, you can target the application at the intended audience. It is required to study competitors’ products in the similar range. By doing so, you will have an opportunity to create an application which eliminates the drawbacks of existing products and offers new and user-friendly features.


The level of entertainment offered by an application should be enhanced in such a way that the user feels like coming back to the application in future. People generally download apps and rarely look at it after their first use. It should make users want to introduce the application to their network of friends. The application should be simple to use. The current generation has no time to go through complicated controls and features even if you are offering free applications.

2. Ability to Share – The ability to share an application through various ways will make it promote on its own. The sharing features should be natural. They should be implicitly incorporated in applications. Users will be thrilled to get feedback on their creations done through the application. They will share their creations, scores and would like to play with others. Social networking sites and bookmarking sites are great platforms through which applications can spread virally. On the other hand, social networking sites also benefit by promoting applications and they will look for innovative and entertaining applications. You have the opportunity to fit into this case. The application should be endowed with few more bells and whistles at regular intervals of time, through application updates and refreshes.

3. Promotions – However good your application is, you should undertake promotional measures. User reviews will give an opportunity for prospective users to go through the application’s features. It will create interest in them. Reviews also provide first hand information and help users to get a glimpse of the application and would help them compare it with similar applications available in the market. It is not only at the launch of the application;  frequent promotions as and when new versions are released will help maintain momentum about the application and it will continue to spread to new users.

4. Analysis – One of the key measures to root deep in the market is to gauge the results and analyze the feedback from users. This is crucial to shape future versions and applications. By implementing potential user’s aspirations you can not only win them but also help them introduce your applications to other users. It is also important to study the competitor’s features and current trends so that you will be able to launch the most successful application in the market.


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