Top 10 Paper Replacement Apps for iPad and iPhone

One key growth area of technology is what people refer as “Paper Replacement“. Technology is slowly helping people to decrease paper usage which saves money and increases productivity. There are some fabulous ways to do these on tablets such as iPad and some of the newer Android powered tablets. The coming days will owe a lot to iPad as it is a harbinger of some future tablet that is yet to come. Some of the top ten paper-replacement applications are listed here.

1. The Moleskine – The Moleskine application that is available for free replaces the paper notepad which people carry in their bag. This application has a sketching tool, and the user can geotag and share notes through email or social networks. The user has an option to choose plain, ruled or square paper style and is available on iPod touch, iPad and iPhone

2. Agendas ApplicationAgendas for iPads can broadcast interactive meetings to other iPad`s in such a way that everybody is on the same page. Unlike the paper agenda, colorful images can be added and a feedback can be collected from the attendees via polls. Attendees can ask questions and critical questions are answered first. The presenter can promote it to the live agenda. This application comes with a pay of $9.99 and is available only for iPad.

3. Dictionary – The Oxford American dictionary with Thesaurus comes with a price of $4.99 housing 150000 entries and comes with a “sounds-like” feature that allows the user to search for difficult-to-spell words assisting in how to spell them. This application is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod. The Merriam –Webster dictionary is available free only for iPad.

4. The Evernote PeekEvernote peek replaces the post-it notes which are usually found stuck all around the house. Available for iPad2 for free, the user can see a question from the study notebook that he created earlier on the iPad when he lifts the cover.

5. Personal DairyDay One (journal/dairy) is a dedicated dairy application instead of general notes application. It has a passcode lock for extra privacy and synchronizes with dropbox for backup. The cost of this application is $1.99 and is available for iPad, iPod and iPhone. This application also allows the user to mark favorites with a star and set reminders.

6. iAnnotate PDF ApplicationiAnnotate PDF lets the user to keep multiple documents open at once with tabs and search through entire library. This application has a lot of tools to choose from to make highlights and colorful annotations. The user can create his own sets of favorite colors and tools and is made available only for iPad. The application costs $9.99.

7. The Yellow Pages – The Yellow pages application comes for free for iPad, iPhone and iPod. It takes up less space and provides a deals section and local movie Showtime’s which is integrated with trailers and posters.

8. Papers – The paper application gives access to millions of academic science research articles thus helping to get rid of accumulations of rich literature. This application syncs with counterpart on the Mac and works great as a stand-alone application. This application comes for iPad, iPhone and iPod for a price of $14.99.

9. The Sketchbook ProSketchbook pro, a professional sketching and drawing offers its users with more than 60 built-in brushes. A maximum of 6 layers can be created. This application is available for iPad for a price of $4.99.

10. Cardflick – The cardflick is a digital business card application which offers 14 predesigned professional templates which can import details from Facebook. To share the card with another card flick user, the user can simple flick the card on the top of the screen or email it. This application is free of cost and is available for iPad, iPhome and iPod.

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