Android Apps for a Shopaholic!

There’s a lot more your phone can do beyond texting and calling.  Since your mobile is the one thing your never forget to take with you when you go anywhere, including shopping, it’s a perfect shopping assistant!

Some of the Top Android Apps for a Shopaholic are –

Barcode Scanner – This an essential tool for you if you are a regular shopper because you can have the specifics of any product or book in a jiffy by using this app. All you have to do is launch it and scan the barcode of the product that you want. The  app is powered by Google and provides details, but only in limited countries. Apart from the information on any product, the barcode scanner has the capability to track the courier services related to it and the estimated the time required for the product to be delivered on your doorstep. However, although this application delivers correct results more than 80% of the time, it performs miserably when it comes to determining the ISBN barcodes on the books. Download it, here.

Google Shopper – It is an application that often functions as a barcode scanner and much more. It helps you determine the location and information about a product and also helps you compare the given price of the product with the prices of the same product elsewhere. This way, you can find out the store that offers the best price for that product. Other than that, the application also assists in organizing every product into different groups or categories. After this is done, a search bar or a voice search enables you to glean information about any product in no time. Again, it’s available for a few countries. Download it, here.

Amazon Mobile App – It  not only provides you with the information and specifics of a product, it has the facility to actually purchase it from the  Amazon members have an added advantage; they have full access to their previously existing shopping carts, wish lists, special shipping privileges and much more. After the recent upgrade, you can directly buy songs using the Amazon MP3 app. Again, limited regional availability. Download it, here.

Discount Calculator – This app comes in handy when you are out shopping and need to figure out what the discount is. It calculates the total price that you have to pay after deducting the percentage of discount that is available on a particular item.  Download it, here.

Slice – If you’re an online shopper, Slice is a must have app. You can track your purchases, shipping and even how much you’ve spent; the app does it itself by scanning your GMail or Yahoo mails, once you give it access of course. It’s a must have! Download it, here.

Out Of Milk– This app is a must have to keep track of your daily household shopping, like your groceries, etc. The free version lets you keep track of multiple lists, while the pro version gives you full access to the service, including the ability to have multiple people on the list; ideal if you and your partner need to keep track of groceries (or anything shopping related). Download it here (free, pro).

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  1. There is also Shopaholic Shopping List app which can help you to keep track of your shopping items by remembering its location and guiding you back to that items easily with GPS.

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