Top 5 Android Apps For Entrepreneurs

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Using an Android device and searching for business apps can ease your tight schedule to make your work easy and reduce strain. The Android market is filled with many business apps. So, we are giving you some useful business apps that support you.

File manager: This application allows you to customize or arrange your folder, files and desktop. This app has three sets of images and solves multiple issues. Users who find this app should have prior knowledge and then should go for this app.

Quick Office Pro: This helps people who constantly use Excel, Word, and power point. By using this app, users can edit and open documents, spread sheets and presentations. We can use PDF file as well. We can resize, delete and move using this app. You can also store your files on cloud storage.

Divide: Bring your own gadgets to the organizations in a secure way by splitting work into personal and office sections. Dividing the work into encrypted form on gadget devices allows business people to access their contact, emails and so on.
IT professional maintains data control and security; Data can be erased in the absence of the employee. Other employees can’t access your personal data; it can be accessed by the mobile owner .This application is available for free.

Divide Android App

Google Drive: Using this app, we can store documents, photos and videos. We can access and share from one place. You can upload files directly on Google drive from your gadget and you can share it with your friends.

Business people can use this app especially for presentations, office documents and PDF files. This app allows users to store upto 5GB.When we are sharing our documents, other people can also edit the file on real time. This app is completely free to download.

Bump: To use this app we need two smart phone owners because it’s easy and quick to transfer data. Before transferring the data, users need to confirm that they want to share the data. This app can be used on networking events because it easy to share mails. They can become friends on Facebook and it is completely free to download.

Adobe Reader: To share PDF files on an android device, user’s use this app. Users can access and manage PDF files. We can fill application forms online and sign electronically. You can store all your PDF files on cloud. You can edit files using this app like strike through, underline, highlight, add text, and comment.

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