Top 5 Mobile Broadband Hotspot Devices for 2011

With the ever increasing data usage prices being placed on mobile devices, many owners have a tough time deciding if they should opt for a piece of technology which can multitask as a mobile hotspot. Traditional hotspots have been notorious for their second-rate upload times and spotty reception. Due to huge leaps in 3G and 4G technology, these problems are a thing of the past and hotspot devices are more affordable than ever. Many are asking which phones in 2011 are providing the best hotspot, so here are the five best hotspot devices of 2011 based on their specs, upload speeds, and download speeds.

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HTC Thunderbolt

In an attempt to compete with the iPhone 4, Verizon was looking for a flagship phone that would have every feature imaginable. Even with the wide array of mobile broadband devices, there is still a large need for hotspot-ready phones to keep customers surfing the internet on the go. Thunderbolt comes in at number one due to Verizon’s lightning fast network which saw download speeds as high as 19.9 Mbps and upload speeds hovering around 5.5 Mbps. Another reason for choosing the Thunderbolt is Verizon’s massive 4G expansion which should be finalized by the end of 2011.

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Motorola Droid Bionic

When any company claims to have the ability to run multiple mobile devices on its hotspot, many potential customers become skeptical. This is why Bionic’s claim of five seemed a bit far-fetched. Surprisingly, the Droid Bionic not only handled five devices, it handled them quite bearably with all five of the devices staying near 9 Mbps upload speeds and 1 Mbps download speeds.

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HTC Shift EVO 4G

The Shift EVO 4G was made to be an affordable alternative to the iPhone and some of the more expensive phones running on the Android operating system. The Shift accomplished all of this and more with impressive specs, comfortable use, useful features, and eye-opening hotspot speeds. The Shift EVO 4G came in just behind the Thunderbolt’s 5.5 Mbps upload speeds with a respectable 4.4 Mbps. The download speeds also came in at a comfortable 13.9 Mbps.

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LG Revolution

LG Revolution may claim to support up to 8 mobile devices, but that is going to be pushing the boundaries of what the phone is capable of. Alternatively, the hotspot for a single device was astonishingly fast for a company that is recently coming out of a hiatus. The download speeds came in at 15.2 Mbps with two devices working concurrently. The upload speeds were slightly less impressive at 4.2 Mbps. While all phones drain batteries extremely fast when operating as a hotspot, the LG Revolution seemed to suffer the worse from this problem, completely draining its battery in about 35 minutes of continuous use.

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HTC Inspire 4G

The HTC Inspire 4G may not be the best hotspot provider in this grouping, but this is certainly a list of top-notch phones. The Inspire comes with every feature that AT&T could pack into it as well as possessing some very impressive specs. When it comes to hotspot speeds, the Inspire 4G kept to 9 Mbps for download speeds and 1.5 Mbps for upload speeds. The problem with this phone’s hotspot speeds is not the phone itself, but finding a strong AT&T 4G signal.

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