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There are many blogs which are dedicated to news and views on mobile phones. We shall know about the top blogs which are so influential in this segment. These blogs present specialized content for tech savvy as well as common man. Here they are –

Boy Genius Report (BGR) is really a genius in analyzing cutting edge technologies both for tech people and ordinary public. Steered by Jonathan Geller who is coined as ‘Boy Genius’ for his exponential views, the blog site has grown into a huge success in a short span of time. Floated in the year 2006, it has become a mobile hangout for capturing breaking news and to know about the ‘to be launched’ mobiles and technologies. It has become the most respected site for tech news, reviews and expert analysis. Geller’s views and analysis can be found on many media channels including CNN, CNBC, TIME magazine, New York Times and many more. Surely, BGR takes the ‘Numero Uno’ slot.

Engadget takes the next slot by presenting news on mobile phones on a daily basis. Surfaced for the first time in the year 2004 has the foot prints of Jonathan Geller. Geller initially worked for Engadget before moving on to BGR. Engadget is partnered with Weblogs Inc. Engadget mobile is an independent tech blog presenting information on latest arrivals. The blog is well supported by public and has won the public loyalty.

IntoMobile can be mentioned for its ability to deliver content to please both technical professionals and consumers. Established in the year 2005, the blog is able to attract more than 3.5 million new visitors on monthly basis. IntoMobile is summed up as the best resource on the web by presenting comprehensive news and analysis on mobile phones. The active participation of new as well as repeat visitors is well streamlined by more than 10 expert editors. The blog takes its niche by presenting in an attractive and interesting manner with illustrative examples.

GigaOM boasts of more than 4 million unique visitors. The blog site established in the year 2006 delivers great news and views. These blogs are proven for in-depth analysis featuring both business and technology aspects. It has the capability to attract visitors from across nations by arming itself with a dedicated market research team and building digital community. The blogs present expert advice on application of latest gadgets and deliver content that focuses on emerging technologies. Originally named as ‘Jk on the run’, the blog site was taken over by GigaOM.

Moconews comes at the 5th plance in the mobile review blogs on the web. It covers mobile news content. Other blogs promoted by the parent company includes, and which are meant for other than mobile content. Launched by Rafat Ali in the year 2002, Moconews is one of the early birds in blog business dealing with mobiles.

If you have passion for new gadgets and latest technologies that change our lives every day, you can go through these interesting blogs to be informed and entertained about mobiles. Trust me, they really are beneficial. Also don’t forget to follow our own News Feed to stay updated with the latest news on My Portable World.

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