Top Digital Marketing Trends for the Future

Technology envelops our world today and as we proceed into the future so does technological advancements. In this race of virtual excellence in the real world, marketing has always place an immensely vital role. This is one field where anything and everything is possible and the probability of success of any company or product depends on how well it is being portrayed in the market. The creation of a brand name depends largely on proper marketing. Digital marketing is found to be dominating today’s idea of the term “Marketing”, as most of the marketers rush to be the first in the line to hold the banner of the next big and promising technology to mesmerize mankind in form of some revolutionary device/application/social network.

The marketers presume that they are always prepared for the next change that they might have to face in the digital world. But the thing they often overlook is that the future is unpredictable, especially in the digital industry. Thus, marketers need to be increasingly mobile, engaging and relevant and be ready to cash in each and every opportunity that they get in order to appeal to and draw in the attention of their consumers.

One of the many ways to attract the attention of customers is Location Services. A marketer cannot always expect that just by playing by the rulebook and sitting in his comfortable chair, consumers would automatically start responding to the product he is marketing for. To stay well ahead of the curve, they would have to approach the areas where they can find potential consumers rather than waiting for them to come in. They would have to hunt down many professional social networks which are filled with the treasure chests of consumer data. Using something like Near Field Communication Technology a marketer can find out about the daily context of consumers which can make their lives better.

Other than that, it’s high time that the marketers used their creativity to create some new advertisement ideas. Online video and mobile platforms with their usual pre-roll video advertisements have undoubtedly created much hype in the marketing business because of the sheer fact that the viewers are denied the choice of avoiding to watch these “forced view” videos. Apart from the fact that these kinds of advertisements are unreasonably expensive, the marketers should not be so inhuman as to rule out the respect for the viewer’s time and interest. Each brand message should be elegantly portrayed with enough relevant content instead of losing the true message of the brand in meaningless banners and clutter.

User-Generated Curation is another avenue that has helped the brands become relevant to consumers. In these content discovery applications the necessary feeds are provided by content producers and they are in turn adjusted in accordance to the requirements of the consumers by themselves. Another major change needed is altering the format of the advertisements to suit the particular digital platform. For example, the realistic graphical capacities of iPads should be utilized than just displaying roll out advertisements meant for online.

Lastly, Integrated Marketing lets the marketer focus on the customer which improves brand recall and multiplies the chances of engagement as opposed to only paying heed to silos in advertising strategies.


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