Top tips and tricks to master your iPad

While there are quite a few tips that are common to both the iPhone and the iPad, here are a few more that could make using your iPad just a little bit more fun and intuitive.


Multitasking Gestures – You can enable multi-tasking gesture controls through General -> Settings -> Multitasking Gestures. By setting toggling multitasking gestures to ON, it is possible to swap 4 to 5 applications on the screen by swapping your fingers.

Wireless Sync  – After plugging the iPad to your personal computer, you should ensure that both iPad and PC are connected to the same wireless network. You should enable iTunes on your PC and then select Settings -> General -> iTunes Wi-Fi Sync. You should select from the list, the computer with which you wish to connect. All the data between iPad and PC will be synchronized everytime both the computer and the iPad are on the same WiFi network

Data destruction – If your iPad lands into the wrong hands and if you don’t want to let loose the sensitive information contained in it, the only option will be to kill the data. This can be achieved when a person unsuccessfully tries to login after a set number of times. You can select the erase option under Settings -> General -> Password Lock.

Side switch – You can assign different functionality to the side switch. The functionality can be toggled by selecting from the menu, Settings -> General -> Use side switch to. Whatever function you would like to assign to the side switch can be selected at ‘use side switch to’.

Encrypted backup – It is possible to take a backup of your iPad’s data in encrypted form through iTunes. After opening iTunes, select Summary Tab and select the option under ‘Encrypt iPad Backup’.

To set restrictions on usage – You can set restrictions on usage of applications, content, games, etc by using Settings -> General -> Restrictions. You can enable restrictions to whichever application you want.

To bypass the default password – Usually iPad comes with 4 digit default password. You can remove the default password and apply a choice of your own that will be more difficult to crack. This can be achieved through Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock. By setting a new encrypted password, you will be able to encrypt your emails as well.

To remove Wi-Fi network – It is possible that your iPad might have been connected to a Wireless network accidentally. As a matter of fact, the connection will be stored forever in your iPad. If you wish to remove that connection, you can do so by going through Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Choose the Network. Tap the button which says ‘Forget this Network’.

To control iPad notifications – If you wish to control annoying notifications that appear on top of your iPad, you can follow these steps. Settings -> Notifications. Here, you should configure alerts as per your requirements including the audio tone.

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