Toshiba AC100 Netbook

The Toshiba AC100 is a netbook running on Android 2.1 and powered by the Nvidia’s Terga 2 chipset. The PC Watch folks have a short review of a pre-release device on their site (its in Japanese so here’s the Google translate version of that page).

This device deviates from the normal Android devices with the fact that it doesn’t ship with a touch-screen, and you’ll have to navigate using the touchpad and keyboard. To compensate for this, the keyboard layout has a few changes from the ordinary – the Escape key also works as the ‘Back’ Android button and there’s also the home, search and menu keys which an Android device needs.

The device ships with Opera Mobile as the default browser and doesn’t ship with the Android Market. So you’ll need to get those apk files if you want to add additional software on this device. Toshiba has also preloaded some of their own software on the device which include a power manager, home screen, file manager and media player to improve the experience.

This device should be out for sale internationally late August. You can get more images and details of the device from PC Watch.

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