Trakdot: Keep an eye on your luggage


CES  2013 is in full flow and there are more things being announced than can be followed. There were a few really cool things that stood out from the usual crowd of TVs and Phones announced. One of them is Globatrac’s Trakdot.

It’s a simple concept that could be invaluable for frequent travellers (especially if you’re stuck flying Airlines that keep losing your baggage). It’s got a GSM radio and two AA Batteries. All you need to do is place it in your bag (or bags) and you can track it via the website or from their iOS and Android Apps. It’ll let you know if you’re luggage has arrived at the same location, or it could notify you as to where it is. It’ll also alert you when you’re within 30ft of your bags. For $49.99 (along with a $8.99 activation fee and a $12.99 Annual service fee), it’s something that’s a must have for frequent travellers. Check out their website for more details.


Source: The Verge  Image Credit: Ubergizmo


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