Trash your emails on Gmail when you delete them from your Windows Phone

I’m sure most people who access their mails from Gmail on a Windows Phone have seen this issue. When you delete the emails on your phone, the emails still stay in your Inbox of Gmail when you access it from the web.

I access my emails while I’m out and scan through quite a bit of them and delete the unwanted emails so I don’t have to look at them later. Now when I get back to the PC, they’re still in my Gmail Inbox when I check on the web; Undeleted. *grumble*. This is an irritant, since I’ve now got to go and delete them all over again in the web interface.

There seems to be no settings I could see of in Windows Phone to get over this behaviour and get Gmail to actually “Trash” the emails when I deleted them from my phone. I’m not sure who’s at fault here Google or Microsoft, but there should be some way to get over this problem.

Google Sync Settings to the Rescue

Hidden away in a special URL ( is where you can get this done. Head over to that URL from your Phone’s Browser, and you’ll be prompted to enter your Google Account details. Don’t bother using your desktop browser, it doesn’t work. You’ll have to use Internet Explorer on your phone for this task.

Once you log in with your details, you’ll land up on a screen where you can see a list of phones and devices which you’ve used to access Gmail from (see the pic on the right). I was surprised to see quite a few of my older devices listed here, including the good old E71 including a “SmartPhone” (I wonder which one that was).

Now select your Windows Phone which you’re currently syncing with to get to the next screen where you get the magical setting. Here just check the option to “Delete Email As Trash for this device”, save the settings and you’re done.

The next time you get your emails, all you have to do is to delete the email on your phone and it’s “Trashed” in Gmail as well.

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