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By using a Smartphone one can be smart enough to find information and take action. Trip Advisor offers not only an informative website for your travel related issues but also an application that can be loaded in your mobile. It makes your life easy, simple and smart. By using Trip Advisor, you can find and learn about new places and comfortable hotels and restaurants all around the world. In fact, you can have first-hand information about your itineraries by participating in discussions, finding photos and videos of the place that you are interested.


As you are provided with a wealth of information from all corners, your holidaying will be smooth and trouble-free. You will get up-to-date information about various locations, climatic conditions and will get updates and suggestions on best places and best times to visit. User friendly dashboard will help you go through various sections. You can explore many travel related information from these sections. Global search tool is a shortcut to start a search based on a destination. As soon as you type in the destination, you will be offered with recommendations like best hotels to stay, best attractions in the location and the best way to reach the destination. You can better plan your vacation as you are informed about actual conditions prevailing in the area. This is very important and useful because you can plan your clothing and type of vehicles to use to move from one location to another location.

Each location on the earth offers a unique feature in terms of business, historic value, scenic beauty, valleys, mountains, hills, springs, beach front, exclusive habitat, etc. The application helps you find and reach your favorite destination, plan food, meet new people and enjoy local attractions. These kinds of luxuries are not present to the earlier generations. One single application will help you perform many operations. You can check the available hotel, contact a hotel of your choice (through phone or email or social media networking sites), book your favorite suit and dining table, fix appointments, etc. Another attractive feature that makes very interesting with Trip advisor application is its ability to let you save your searches.

It is quite common that you may be interrupted through a phone call or by meeting a person physically where you want to respond them when you are in the middle of a search for a vacation. In such cases with a single click you will be able to save all the steps that you had covered and can come back later leisurely to the search when you are free. Your search effort is not lost and you can save almost any kind of search like a location, hotel, favorite food or sporting event, etc. You can go through extensive reviews available on the website to get complete information about the place that you are going to visit.

Trip Advisor is a useful application for frequent travelers not only to get information but also to confirm their destinations by being able to book flight tickets. You can set your priorities in ‘things to do’, participate in forums and find attractions near your location. Ability to make street level view of your destination is another important feature that is helpful for visitors. Trip advisor is a reliable application and it is highly recommended for travel related requirements.

Trip Advisor is available for Symbian, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone and has a Mobile Web page for other handsets. So download the app and check it out.

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