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satguideIf you’re looking for a reasonable application for navigating the roads here in India, you can check out the latest offering from Satguide. They’re giving a free download of their application for Symbian S60 users. You can try out the application on your phone and use it 10 times for free. Even the paid version is quite reasonably priced at INR 2183 as a one time charge. Their application doesn’t require you to have GPRS connectivity or pay an annual fee.

Ovi Maps in India does lack maps for highway driving around India, when I took it for a road trip. I just got a blank background on Ovi Maps for most areas outside the major city limits and Google Maps died on me when ever I went out of cellphone tower ranges. Satguide has maps for more than 400 cities and towns around India, so you’re adquately covered if you’re planning to go off the beaten track.

SatGuide is currently offering a Cash Back  offer to the users downloading free version from If you choose to upgrade to the paid version of the software within 30 days of the downloading the free version, you’ll  get Rs. 1000 back from the company, which translates to almost a 50% discount on the regular price.

The SatGuide Mobile Navigation Software can be installed on most Symbian OS phones by Nokia like N95 N95, E66, 6110, N82, 6210, E57, 6220, N78, N96, N73 and Samsung i560, among others.

You can download the free trial of Satguide for Symbian from this link –

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