Turn your N900 into a WiFi Router

Travelling and need access to the internet from your laptop? Did you know that your N900 can become a WiFi router and supply internet connectivity to your laptop, and any other device which can connect on WiFi? Here’s how you can do this –

There’s a software called JoikuSpot which can turn your Nokia N900 into a WiFi router. You can get this software from the Joiku Store.

Before I went for a holiday last time, I took the plunge and bought Joikuspot from their store and installed it on my N900. A few easy settings later, I have had my laptop connected to the Internet using a 3G connection through the mobile phone, and speeds on BSNL’s 3G service seemed to be as fast as my wired broadband connection.

Connected on the Laptop through Joikuspot

This software also has a cool dashboard once you start the WiFi connection which shows you a speedometer with the current download and upload speeds.

Shows your current Speed
You can share your 3G connection with more than 1 device, so if you’re travelling, you can power even your friend’s devices. Joikuspot gives you an option to see what devices are connected at that very instance.
See how many devices are connected.

After you finish your surfing session, and you stop the WiFi service on Joikuspot, you can see a summary of the usage in that session.

Connection Stats when you finish a session

Tips and Tricks:
Here are a few words of ‘wisdom’ while using Joikuspot:

  • Before you startup, make sure you select a Security option in the WLAN settings and set password for your connection. If you dont’, anyone who sees that connection can use it, leading to large 3G bills for you.
  • When you finish with Joikuspot, make sure you stop the connection by clicking on the Red Power button on the Joikuspot dashboard. If you simply shutdown the application without powering down Joikuspot, the WiFi connection may remain open, leading to a faster battery drain for you. I’ve had that happen a few times.
  • Make sure you have a charger handy or hook up the N900 to your laptop using the USB cable, if you’re planning extended use of Joikuspot, since using this does drain the battery at a much faster rate than normal 3G usage.

More screenshots from JoikuSpot:

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