Twiize – Make your calls Fun on Android

Here’s an app to make your calls with friends and family fun! Twiize is an app which enhances the standard call screen for Android. While you are on a call with your friend, you can check their Facebook status, photos and even send notes and doodles to them. Of course, you’ll have to be on a wired or bluetooth headset if you want to play around with Twiize while you’re on a call.

Twiize for AndroidTwiize prompts you  to login to Facebook when it first launches, pulling your friend details and updates from there. You can invite your friends to install the Twiize app on their phone as well for optimal experience. You don’t have to be compelled to invite a friend, since  the app works pretty well if your friend’s not on Twiize. You can still see their FB updates on the call screen, and the notes and doodles you create can be posted on your wall or your friends.

Here’s the key features of Twiize:

  • Send photos from live camera or gallery, while talking on the phone
  • Browse recent full screen photos and statuses of your friend, yourself and mutual friends (not just the usual full screen caller id photo)
  • Get a birthday reminder in real-time and send a happy birthday card
  • Draw & send each other personalized notes, scribbles and funny doodles

Here’s a video of Twiize in action. You can jump to the end of the post for the download link.

Download Twiize for Android


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