Twitter’s Interactive Tweet View for iPhone & Android users

Twitter – the social networking platform is ever expanding by offering innovative features and flexibilities to users. Twitter is popular on Smartphones based on iOS, Android as well as Windows 7.

In order to attract mobile users now, Twitter is going to launch an enhanced application which will provide users interactive view, improved control to display of the notification and many other new features.

Let us find more information from the leaked information about the development of a new Twitter application which will benefit mobile users.

New Features

• As the interactive Twitter view will be expanded you will be able to get previews of content as you find in Google chrome and other applications.
• You will also be able to view images and videos within the short tweets and the links to various sites is also displayed in each tweet.
• You can opt for push notifications which enables you receive messages from users of your choice. Some tweets will be highlighted which have been selected by you based on happening of certain events.
• You can also tap the avatar and will be directly taken to the profile page of the relevant avatar.
• You can also utilize the auto complete feature present in the Connect tab.
• The new application will also give you support to find the trends and it can be personalized as your choice.
• You can also restrict the access to the application by setting a password.

This new application will also be launched with a new Twitter bird. Twitter will let you have enhanced experiences by presenting some of the finest tweets and photos based on the events selected by you.

You can find brief notifications in the status bar when you are using the application. The ‘Discover’ option will let you know if there are any interesting stories on the web to be downloaded by you.


There is no clarity on the expected release date of the new application. Some of the new features mentioned here might change by the time the new application is released. The new measures are taken by Twitter to strengthen it’s presence in the mobile world. In the recent past, Twitter users are not able to enjoy powerful features through mobile phones. Especially, it is a great drawback for power users. It is due to the introduction of the new Twitter mobile API that has attracted much criticism from many sections. In order to overcome these drawbacks, Twitter would like to change the scenario by introducing all powerful “Twitter for iPhone 4.3”.

What’s in store for the Mobile user?

The new features will help you use Twitter in a better way. You will be able to manage required information, alerts, etc. in a specific direction. Mobile users will be able continue their passions and interests in a more vigorous way than ever before. You can get updates from your friends, celebrities and experts in various domains. You will be able to understand what is happening in the world in a better way. You can view trends in various walks of life like fashion, beauty, entertainment, travel, etc. You can also enjoy with the new application as it will give a better performance.

All in all, more reasons to love your iPhone. And, Android too.

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