How to upload pictures to Flickr using Nokia LifeBlog

Nokia LifeBlog as said, is an online diary from the mobile phone through which you can update the world daily by posting messages, or images and videos.

But uploading images to Flickr requires some settings to be done to the mobile phone which can be done by following these steps –
To post to Flickr from Lifeblog, you need to add a server, username and password into your Lifeblog settings.
Open Lifeblog > Options > Settings.
In the settings section, you would find spaces for the Server, Username and password. Go to Lifeblog toolbox in flickr to find the information.

Username: As given your flickr account
Password: As given by Flickr(This is not similar to your flickr account password)

Do not use your flickr account password as the password above. There is a special password provided by Flickr for every user.
Set all the 3 correctly and then the captured images can be directly sent to your Flickr account through Lifeblog of your Nokia phone.

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