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Technological innovation has made life easier on Earth and when it comes to travel, it is indeed a great joy. Are you ready for the long awaited vacation which you planned for several months?  Your Smartphone could be really useful when you’re travelling (or planning your next trip).


Here are some of the best  travel apps that everyone must have for their vacation or even for a day-to-day commute. Having these apps on your mobile would help you book & track your flights, plan your stay and find stuff you need in the city.

TripItTripIt (Short for Trip Itinerary) was born when three young men decided to build something useful while they were sitting in a crowded Mexican restaurant. This intelligent travel organizer makes your trip smooth. Just forward your travel confirmation email to [email protected] without having to worry about where you have done your reservation. TripIt plans everything perfectly. You can share your travel calendar and have access to schedules and collaborate on planning trips either with an individual or among a group of friends in TripIt network. It’s available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Get it here.

HipmunkHipmunk is a service that lets you search for flights (and now Hotels) from the web or using your iOS or Android Device. What makes it stand out is the special “Agony” search for flights, apart from sorting by time & price, that takes into account the number of flights you’ll have to switch and so much more. You can search for your flight on your device and book it via the web which takes you to Orbitz. Get it for your iOS device, here, or your Android device, here.

• Orbitz – Orbitz is a booking service for Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars, Cruises and more. You can get the Mobile apps for iOS or Android here, or you can visit on any mobile browser.

Booking – is a service that focuses on giving information of variety of hotels across the world, with support for more than 170 countries across the world. You can place your order by using the app without having to call the hotel. You can also find reviews of all the hotels. Get if for your iOS or Android device here, or visit from your mobile browser.

Travel Interpreter – The worst thing that would happen when you are on a travel is the language barrier. Now this can be overcome but with a price. Travel Interpreter is an app that has databases of phrases which can be downloaded to SD card over Wi-Fi. Priced at $9.99 ($4.99 on iOS), you can get access to 28 languages. Select the language you need and download it to your phone. When the download is complete, you can turn off the Wi-Fi. However it is just a phrase book and not an exact translator. This app provides you with a huge list of phrases along with an illustration both in the target language and English. Get it for iOS here and Android here.

• Google Translate – Of course, if basic translation services are what you want, Google Translate should do. It’s a free service, available on your mobile device as an app or via the mobile browser. Get it, here.

• Boingo Wireless – Roaming cellular data charges are really expensive, and you may not be able to or want to use a local sim with a data plan on your mobile phone (let alone tether that connection with your laptop). Boingo Wireless helps you find Free WiFi hotspots around the world (it could be in the cafe across the road). It also provides access to Boingo Hotspots, based on what tariff plan you select (and there are many). Get it on your Windows Laptop, your Mac, iOS or Android device, here.

• Google Maps – Google Maps works for more than just finding your location and Points of Interest (Coffee Shops, Petrol Stations,  Super Markets, etc) near you. You have turn by turn navigation (in some countries), In-Building Navigation (again, in some countries) and Public Transport timing and more. Get it, here.

Hopefully, these apps (and everything else that your smartphone can do) will make your travel much easier.


Image Credits: Google Lat Long Blog

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