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A number of iPad applications are available to enhance your entertainment zone and expand your thirst for learning and exploration of new subjects. User friendliness and versatile applications have made iPad an attractive gadget. As you can carry iPad wherever you go, you can use it to perform various personal and business tasks and thus you can be more productive in your personal as well as professional life.

There are a number of handwriting applications. We shall check some of the finest handwriting applications available for iPad.

Penultimate – The notes you prepare with Penultimate can be shared with Dropbox and Evernote. In order to work with the application, you should use your finger or stylus pen. You can use this application to draw various pictures and describe the contents with text and lines of various colors. Your kids will love to use this application. You can purchase the application for just 99 cents.

Ghostwriter Notes – While penultimate gives you handwriting experience, Ghostwriter lets you use the application in an extensive manner. You can use Ghostwriter not only to take notes but also to preserve the notes that you have prepared. This means you can store the content in files. The application gives you access to open PDF files and you can write on top of the PDF files. Students will love to use this application. The application is priced at $4.99.

Smart Writing Tools – If you want to convert the handwritten notes into text form; Smart Writing Tools is the best option. You can easily achieve this conversion process by using the application’s user-friendly interface. You can convert the handwriting as soon as you write or at any later date as selected by you. If you turn on the conversion option, the recognition engine will suggest a word as soon as you complete the writing. You can accept the suggestion if the application recognizes correctly or you can reject and rewrite to give another chance for the recognition engine. The application will also learn your handwriting and as you write more, the accuracy of interpretation will improve.

NoteShelf – The responsiveness of Noteshelf is very high. Hence, it will reproduce your handwriting in an effortless manner. The application offers well designed and user-friendly interface. Noteshelf comes with built-in templates and you can use a template of your choice for each page.

Paper by FiftyThree – This app can be enjoyed on a high resolution Retina display screen. The writing recognition engine is one of the finest in the handwriting applications market. It has also won the prestigious “Apple Design Award” for the year 2012. If you have purchased iPad very recently, you will really love to use this exciting application for sketching, coloring and writing text. The good news is that you can download the application freely from the App Store.

Besides the applications mentioned above, you can also try various quality handwriting applications which include Notability, Remarks, Notes Plus, Good Notes, Neu. Notes+, Note Taker HD and Touchwriter HD.

Do let us know your experience oon using the above apps.

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