[Video] What does it take to absolutely destroy the Nokia Lumia 920?

The Nokia Lumia 920 has gotten flak online for being slight bigger and heavier than it’s other Windows Phone competitor the HTC 8X. This doesn’t mean that the Lumia 920 is not a great contender in this segment. Do you know how much torture the phone can take before it gives? I’m sure the Nokia folks have taken the phone through it’s paces at their manufacturing plants. When we visited the Nokia India factory in Chennai some time back, we saw the “Torture Room” where the phones manufactured at that location were taken through their paces, incuding drop tests.

None of those could be as extreme as the drastic tests that the guys at PhoneBuff  have performed on the Lumia 920. They’ve run the phone over with a car, thrown the phone against a post and used it for baseball practise. Do you know which of these finally did the Lumia 920? Check out the video and see:


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