‘Viggle’, an Android and iOS app, Rewards You for Watching TV

Location based checkins were a rage, with everyone clamoring for points and mayorships. Now check-in into your TV show you’re watching and earn rewards. (This is currently a US only service)

Viggle Inc. has launched a loyalty program that rewards your television watching. To take advantage of this program, you should install the free Android application, Viggle.

As soon as you start working with the application by registering your details, Viggle will list out the TV programs that you are watching. You can select programs/shows of your choice. As you select them through Viggle, the application will reward you by extending bonus points.

Let us check more about this  application.

The Viggle application allows you to sign up and start checking into shows you are watching on TV. Viggle will grant you Viggle points in proportion to the time spent in watching TV.  In addition to the points generated through your check-ins, you can also earn points by browsing special shows with bonus points. Shows with check-in bonuses are featured in the “What’s On” section, where people are also able to set reminders and “like” shows. If you set a reminder for watching a featured show, you will get 100 bonus points. Accumulation of Viggle points will help you get gift cards to Gap, Sephora, Barnes & Noble, etc. You can also purchase gadgets like iPod tough with your gift card.

When you sign up for the application, you should enter your US zip code and the local cable service provider. This will help Viggle to know the programs that will be telecast in your area. As more and more users will use the application, Viggle will get access to the huge amount of data. It will be able to keep track of your personal preferences and it will be a great wealth of information for Viggle. Even though Viggle offers you free application and lets you set reminders to watch various programs,Viggle will also be benefited through your cooperation. It will be able to study the user habits on a large scale. The wealth of information collected will include users’ favorite TV shows, preferred timings, how long users will hang on to a particular TV show, etc. This information will be very useful for companies that conduct various kinds of surveys to understand the popularity of various TV shows.

It is possible to study the kind of programs preferred by a particular age group. This will give ample room for TV broadcasting agencies to improvethe quality and to present the most relevant programs to the users. On the other hand, users will be greatly benefited by being able to set reminders to watch their favorite show without missing at any cost. Besides setting up of reminders, users will be rewarded through the Vigglepoints.

You can find out the points which is displayed on the top right hand corner of the interface. As you watch a TV program, you can click on ‘Check in’ tab which will pull out the information from the database that is relevant to the show you are watching. As you keep checking your favorite programs, you will earn points and these points can be redeemed through gift cards.

Even though the application is in the beta stage, it works well and gives you great experience. If you’ve used this app, do let us know your experiences with Viggle by leaving us a comment below.

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