Vizio to reveal new Tablet and Phone at CES

Vizio, the makers of Low Cost yet awesome TV’s, might be getting into the portable market, accoring to the Wall Street Journal.

The tablet, possibly the same one seen here, will feature an 8″ screen, a front facing camera, three speakers, and will run Android (Possibly FroYo, but it could be GingerBread for all we know now).

The Vizio Via Phone, on the other hand, will have a 4″ screen, a 5MP rear camera and a front facing camera and will also run Android.

Both these devices should be unveiled at CES, soon, and should be available sometime this year.

So 2011 seems to be the year of the tablet. Looks like it might just be the year of Android too!

Check out the Rose Bowl Commerical from Vizio Below:

Source: Engadget Mobile, Via WSJ

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