Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook Phone Launched in India

The red branded Vodafone is showing blue face for the very first time!

The Vodafone Facebook Phone

Vodafone has launched its first Facebook named Vodafone 555 Blue. Vodafone is one of the fastest growing telecommunications company in India. The company is quite successful in exploring business opportunities from untapped pockets. The latest venture shows its unique approach in identifying emerging business solutions with changing technology and user habits. There is a wide gap between rural and urban pockets in India. While Blackberries, iPhones and Androids are rising dust in other parts of the globe, Vodafone is trying to win the hearts of millions of people with a hand phone featuring Facebook.

Vodafone Blue highlights the Facebook button which is in the space bar row. You will be able to contact your Facebook fans with a single press on Facebook button. The button gives you instant access to Facebook service. The interesting thing with the new piece is the phone comes with Facebook service absolutely free for one year. Depending on the settings opted in the phone, the facebook data will be updated at regular intervals. If you opt for 20 minutes, the data will be in sync at every 20 minutes. When you switch on the phone, Facebook service will start automatically. You can upload pictures from your mobile also. You will be able to update your profile and you can set the status at any time. The inbox will have three sections – One section fills with usual SMS, second section will be filled with Facebook messages that you receive and send and the third section contains emails you receive. You will be able to add contacts to your phone directly from the facebook profiles also.

The phone comes with operating system developed by Vodafone itself. Other attractions of the piece include 2 MP camera, Qwerty keyboard, optical touch pad and 2.4” QVGA screen. Of course the phone comes with usual MP3 player and FM. In addition to the effective integration of Facebook services, the phone also offers Google Talk, ichat and other chat service clients. The phone comes with Opera browser. The phone is developed in collaboration with Facebook. The piece is priced at a throw-away figure attracting many college students and workforce in the country.

The new phone is expected to be a huge success in both urban and rural populations. For many, it is becoming a common thing to have a facebook profile and those who are addicted to this kind of instant communication cannot hold until they sit in front of PC or laptop. Although Facebook can be accessed through smartphones and other latest hand phones, their budget is high. Vodafone Blue is priced less than Rs. 5000 and you will have unlimited access to Facebook service for one year. The phone facilitates Facebook’s chat service also. The same cannot be achieved on other phones without subscribing to GSM services. The offer may lure many facebook fans to go for it as an instant communicating device with its simple button connectivity and reasonable price. One downside of this phone is that it’s not a 3G enabled phone and lacks WiFi connectivity so you’re limited to surfing the net at only EDGE speeds.

Don’t you think it will be a success? Here’s a video demoing the capabilitles of the Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook phone:

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