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Day Dream Alarm App for iPhoneWaking up grouchy in the mornings? Need motivation to wake up these days? Try this new iPhone app from an Australian startup, Colour Vision Apps. The company hopes to wake you up in a better mood

The app wakes you up with images of bright blue summer skies, energizing tunes and an inspiring quote. Once you’re up, hopefully in a better mood, you can also share the quotes with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The alarm is quite simple to set up, at the same time allows you the options to choose the wake up tunes, snooze settings and days you’d want to alarm to go off on, all in a simple to use screen.

What really pulled our interest to this app, Henry Kurtze, the man behind the app is a medical student and designed the app, being a non-developer. Here’s what Henry had to say about the medical rationale behind the Blue Summer Skies wake up screen, “My medical studies lead me to include the animated blue sky background. Bright, blue sky can boost our circadian rhythm through a conditioned response.”

We did have a short Q&A with Henry about the app, what went behind the app and his future plans, which we’ve also included as part of this app review. You jump to that by clicking here. You can also see a quick video if the app features right after the download link below.

Day Dreams retails for $0.99 on the iTunes Store and is available internationally.

Download Day Dreams

Demo Video

Q&A with the App Developer

MPW: We hear that you’re a medical student. What inspired you to create DayDream?

Henry: I was inspired to create DayDream because I know the importance of a passionate and creative morning. Our morning sets up our day, and by extension, sets up the way our life will unfold. So with that in mind I tried to create an App that simplifies and enhances the morning routine.

My medical studies lead me to include the animated blue sky background. Bright, blue sky can boost our circadian rhythm through a conditioned response. The science aside, I couldn’t find a stunning, minimalist alarm clock so I created one. That also sends you a beautiful quote to start the day.

MPW: Did you pickup iOS coding to create this app and how long did it take you to create DayDream?

Henry: I was completely new to this area. But I had passion and purpose. And that was enough to get me through. I started work on DayDream 3 months ago. I am working as a solo developer. I worked on concept, design and marketing.

I did not do the coding for the application. However I am going to undertake a course to help me understand the process for my next project. I find it to be challenging and fascinating and magnetic. I love to be in control, and so learning to code will be inevitable. The process has been immensely hard and immensely satisfying. I cannot wait to work on my next App.

MPW: What are your future plans? Create more apps in your free time, improve the existing app?

Henry: My plans for the future are energetic and diverse. I have currently taken one year off my medical studies and relocated to Denmark. For any project in the future I would prefer to assemble a team, because working as solo developer slightly disrupts life balance and circadian rhythms. I am currently editing a short film and starting work on a book that will explore health from a collective point of view. As for Apps I have been holding onto a larger project idea that I will commence this year. I will not go into details but it will be a global non-profit App. That might just change the world. At least a little.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Henry & Color Vision Apps has up it’s sleeve for their next app venture and wish them all the best!

Screenshots from the App

Download Link

Here’s the download link for the App, in case you missed the one above:

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/daydream-alarm-clock/id595324034?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4″]

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