WakeVoice, an interactive Alarm app for Android

WakeVoice is an alarm clock app for Android phone which is quite different from most of the other alarm apps we’ve seen on the Market. WakeVoice welcomes us with an eye candy screen. I loved it from the first moment. And like I do with any other app, I went directly to the settings.

Settings summarize the app actually. WakeVoice is an alarm app for Android which you can command with your voice and which tell you weather, your horoscope, news and your calendar.

To take a quick look at the settings, the first thing to take a look at is Volumes setting. For example, If you plan to use the voice recognition features of the app, the volume of the alarm should be low. This is because microphone of your phone will recognize the voice of your alarm too, so you may not be able to stop the alarm by saying “Shut up”.

Voice recognition setting has a great setting, “Voice keywords”. You can set your own expressions to make the alarm STOP or SNOOZE. This is a very cool feature because you can tell your phone to “go to hell” or ask “5 more minutes” from the phone!

On weather setting page, you can set your city, how weather will be read out to you and temperature unit. For news, you should set your RSS feed. For calendar and horoscope, you should set your settings accordingly.

After I set everything, I tried to set up an alarm. You can do that by the “PLUS” symbol on the top of the screen. Or you can tap and hold to an existing alarm and edit it. When you start to set an alarm, you can give it a name, set the time for it, its active days, and ringtone and vibration settings. These settings are standard settings for any alarm app, right? But Voice Settings and Data Settings are a little distinctive and take this app one step (maybe two) further than the other alarm apps. As you can see, you can select any setting you wish there. This means you can set the alarm to just ring, or tell you things you selected, or maybe you can deactivate it by just telling “Shut up!”.

One good thing you will have with this app is that this app can remind you things. On the Speech Synthesis (TTS) page, you can see Customized message. I wrote here “You should wake up, have breakfast, study to your exam, meet your GF, do not forget to pay the bill.” Well, it was my assistant today.

So the app is good, the idea is good, it is good. Your phone told you about the weather and financial stocks etc. before. But this is the first time it (actually he/she according to the voice you choose) listens to you. It listens to your cries “5 more minutes” or your curses “OK I am up!”.  Amongst the other alarm ideas, this is one of the most interactive one. And the one which makes you feel like the master of your phone.

Note that this app works perfect only with limited languages. For example, in my language (Turkish) it is not available and tries to read the things like they are Turkish words, and actually they are not. So, when I woke up, I just heard a guy who reads something funny in a serious manner. Of course, this is not the fault of the app. You should set your TTS and voice recognition settings for your phone accordingly.

Even though the app itself is quite good, there’s still scope for improvement. That customized message could be “more customizable”, like setting different messages for each alarm. If I wake up in the morning, I want to hear “Good morning”, but when I set an alarm for the night, I do not want to hear “Good morning”. And if you do not understand the languages which this app supports, you probably will not like this as voice thing is the most distinctive feature of this app. If you ask me how I’d grade that, I’d say “4/5”.

You can download the lite version from Android Market, here. Or get the full version, here.

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WakeVoice for Android

A nice interactive Alarm Application for Android Phones

Rating by Mesut Yasar: 4 stars

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