Want a ‘Perfect Wedding’? Check out these iPhone Apps!

A wedding is one of the most special events in everyone’s life. The mere feel that the big day’s gonna arrive leads to a lot of excitement! At the same time, we can’t deny the fact that it is not just excitement. There is a reasonable amount of pressure that builds up when one thinks about all the preparatory stuff to be taken care of before the event. There’s always the dress, the band, the dinner, the decoration and other countless things to properly attend to in order to make the event remarkable.

Usage of notepads, calculators, excel sheets and similar stuff to handle this preparation, is what mostly people do. Let’s admit it – the whole process of maintaining the bits and pieces in order is indeed tedious. Thanks to the technological advancement and the era of smartphones – everything is under control nowadays and right in our palms. Not just the devices themselves, but the cool apps that make our lives a lot easier and a lot posh couldn’t be thanked enough.

Screenshots from the Wedding Row App

Here are some of the coolest iPhone apps (free and paid) that help the couple (and their friends and family) to stay sane while preparing for wedding –

Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Guides – This free app is for iPad only and comes as a complement to the Bonnier publication. Want to know about the most beautiful locations from which you can choose to have your wedding? This app is right at your service. Not just for the wedding – this app goes far beyond and helps you prepare for your honeymoon. The app has a great collection of spots for honeymoon – you can browse through the images of the locality of the spots and also the information about resorts.

Wedding Row – Planning for a wedding can be really overwhelming. You will come across various choices on anything – say the menu, wedding dress, choice of flowers, or even the bar service. This app helps you collect all the potential choices in one place so that you make a decision. You can create different vision boards for different choices and you can save pictures, notes etc. of the items you come across. This helps you to narrow down to your choice easily instead of picking up stuff from your scattered memory. The app costs $1.99.

Brides Wedding Genius 2.0 – This free app is a great inspiration for the brides (sorry grooms!) to help them choose their wedding dress, rings, honeymoon destinations etc. The app has a wide collection of the pictures of these items so that the bride narrow down on her choices, save them and even find the local retailers who have her favorite items.

Wedding Budget – As the name suggests this app will help you keep track of cost, expenditure, payments and other details about the wedding budget in general. The app has a handy list of most popular wedding expenditure categories such as photography, music, flowers etc. The app can help you input your budget for each of these categories and it can keep track of how much you have spent, how much money is still available to spend on that category and if you have any pending payments. This app is free.

iWedding Deluxe – Evident from the name, this is a pricey app (costs $9.99) but is quite comprehensive and acts as your complete (yup, literally) wedding planner. This app, infact, erases the need to have many apps to plan your wedding. This app covers almost all of the major wedding planner categories (mentioned above on other apps); it also has loads of additional cool stuff like details of the guests, links to wedding favors, contact details of local vendors, and also a nifty function that lets you record the preferences of individual guests. Above all, you have a countdown timer that can advise and remind you on stuff that needs to be get done as part of the preparatory process.

So, which one of the above is your favorite?

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