Want to win a Nokia E7 business phone?

Fancy owning a Nokia E7 business phone? Here’s not one, but two ways to try your luck at winning yourself one.  Nokia Europe and Nokia India are both running contests to promote the launch of the Nokia E7 phone, which is next in their line of their famous “Communicator” series.

1. Nokia Europe’s Search for 7 Contest

This contest is open worldwide. They are giving one device a day till the 28th of February. Each day, over 7 days, an E7 will be hidden in a new city around the world. The 1st and 7th locations are virtual and you will need to use your wits and Ovi maps to find the hidden Nokia E7. Head over to the Search for 7 Contest Page.

2. Nokia India’s My Smart Life Contest

Nokia India’s got their My Smart Life content underway till the 2nd of March, where you just have to head over to the Q&A section and give your best anwers to question put forward by the guest authors of the site  (I’m one of them, by the way).  The best ones are chosen from the lot and four lucky winners will be chosen to get a Nokia E7 device. Make sure you enter your correct email id when you post your answers, since the folks at Nokia will be using that to get in touch with the winners.

If you know of other contests giving away the Nokia E7, do let us know and we’ll add it to this list. Wish you the best of luck and hope you win!

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