Watching Television in the Mobile World

Modern technology has greatly impacted the present and the future. Thanks to the myriad of electronic devices now available on the marketplace, people can access their favorite television channels and entertainment options from practically anywhere. What was once primarily a business tool, the laptop computer has become the perfect way to view thousands of TV channels, on-demand and pay per view movies and gaming content. Entertainment broadcasters have taken notice of the trends of a more mobile society and have created content that can be viewed on tablets and mobile phones as well as the traditional desktop computer. For some of these devices that don’t allow the viewing of TV directly on the device, there are add on hardware components willing to install a TV turner to watch the shows of their choice when they desire. Other devices, such as the IPhone, have inspired application developers to create apps that allow people to watch TV directly on their smartphone.

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If you own a laptop and wish to watch TV directly on this portable computer, the easier solution is to purchase a USB TV tuner. When shopping for an appropriate USB TV tuner, make sure that the hardware device has an antenna so that the reception is of the quality that is required. Some devices are made cheaply and require some additional configuration on your part. Before making an actual purchase, do your homework first to ensure that the USB TV tuner will work for your needs and offers the picture quality that you desire. It may be to your advantage to spend a little more for a higher quality device rather than risk obtaining something that doesn’t work. Another option for at home viewing is to obtain a USB TV tuner for the laptop that can connect directly to the cable network. This will eliminate the worry about poor reception and improve the reliability of the signal.

Some models of laptops come equipped with a built in TV tuner. One of the issues that people experience is the reception of the signal on these internal tuners is poor. To help provide a crisper picture, try to buy an external antenna for a better display. Some laptops may also benefit from hooking up the computer directly to the cable box. This can significantly improve picture quality and eliminate the need for another TV. Some other problems that may occur include an old outdated laptop. Ensure that the system supports USB 2.0 or later versions. Laptops that were developed before the advent of this technology may not have the needed hardware capabilities to support the transmission of the signal properly. Upgrade any outdated equipment to receive the best signal.

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For smartphone owners, especially those that have an iPhone, the best choice for obtaining broadcast transmissions on the go is through the use of an app. Many cable and satellite providers have mobile plans that allow viewing favorite programs on the go. Available through Time Warner Cable internet and the iTunes app store, the TWCable TV app allows the viewing of any available station through your iPhone or iPad. Through a home wireless network that is connected to the cable service, any program can be viewed anywhere that is accessible from the network. The TWCable TV app comes with a number of useful features that allow watching television on the portable device an enjoyable experience. A DVR Manager, interactive program guide and the ability to search for a specific program means that you will never miss out on your favorite show.

With many other options available to the general public, it may be tempting to choose a different option for one reason or another. One thing to keep in mind is few of the other cable and satellite service providers offer the level of service and quality as Time Warner Cable internet. Used in combination with the TWCable TV app available on iTunes, many of the problems that plague these other systems vanish. None of the other major television providers offer the quality or features found in the TWCable app. Join the millions of satisfied customers and begin enjoying television from your Apple device today from anywhere in your home.

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  1. Watching TV on a mobile only works if you have WiFo or a luck enough to get strong 3G or 4G coverage otherwise i’s just painful!

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