What to look forward to in the new Apple Maps in iOS 6

A number of upgrades and new developments were announced at the recently concluded Apple’s Developers Conference. These are well received by Apple fans and developers spread across the world. One of the very interesting and much ambitious projects is the new Maps Application. Over the years, Apple depended on Google to deliver Maps service through Apple devices. With the launch of Apple’s Maps App, Apple customers will be able to get the Apple flavor through the new Maps application.

Advantages of Apple’s Maps

  • The new maps application not only reduces the dependence on Google but also helps Apple to deliver maps with a fresh outlook.
  • On the other hand, Apple is much addicted to the usage of maps service and it has identified the potential of maps application as it is going to make a big difference in the lives of millions of people in the coming years.
  • It is also another opportunity to attract new customers by being able to present innovative services through Maps application.
  • The application developed by Apple will deliver traffic information and three dimensional broad views of the city skyline.
  • The application will also guide you street by street while you are on the road. Street services are offered by Android applications and it is far ahead of Apple in this arena.
  • As a matter of fact, navigational services are basic and most useful services offered by any mobile mapping application.


Similar to Android application, Maps app from Apple will guide the driver of a vehicle by each turn. The new application developed by Apple will give iPhone users a matching experience similar to that of Android. You can enter the commands either in text or audio format. The application will give directions through voice which gives a feeling that a personal assistant is helping you. As the application is in the development stage, as of now, you will get the transit directions and you will not be able to get turn by turn navigation as is offered through Google Maps.

While using the Maps app, you can select options in such a way that traffic and accident occurrence will be reported in a separate layer. Even though this service is not new to iPhone users, it is predicted that new service will improve the quality. The biggest advantage is that you will be able to explore ways to come out quickly when you are entangled in great traffic jams.

iPhone users will be presented with quality information thanks to the Apple’s tie-up with Yelp to provide extensive search information. As you tap on a location, you will be offered vast information which includes prominence of place, available products and services, contact details, images, reviews, etc. This feature is prone to attract many non-iPhone users as well and it is a great setback for Google and Zagat. Even though Apple’s 3D view cannot compete with Google’s Street View, it is able to offer most compelling features that will definitely entertain native iPhone users.

The easy to use navigation features along-with stunning 3D visuals which can be zoomed, tilted, etc. will take Apple to new heights in promotion of its gadgets and services. As usual the Siri application will further enhance the success of Apple Maps. The application looks promising for the current as well as future generation.

Here’s a video from T3 showing you what to expect in the new Apple Maps app:

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