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There is a growing concern about the security of messages delivered through various gadgets all over the world. Leakage of news that invades privacy of individuals and secrecy of businesses should be avoided at any cost. There is a need for secured message transmission systems. By initiating an efficient encoding of the message, you will be able to prevent the leakage of information.

A San Francisco based startup company has developed a new application called “Wickr“, which promises military grade protection of your messages – text, audio or even videos, sent through your iPhone. In the Mission Impossible style, you can set messages to ‘Self-Destruct’ after a set time after the message is opened by the recipient first time. “This message will self-destruct in 60 seconds… “, but your iPhone won’t!

About Wickr

This app is available for free download and it has already attracted a large number of users. The application can be deployed in iOS based devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The startup company is going to release similar kind of application to enthuse Android users as well. The core strategy implemented to achieve success for secure data transmission is by flipping the message in between the source and destination. At the moment, there is no way to protect your personal or business information from being intercepted by others. The intention behind the development of the new application is to ensure that all your communication should be foolproof.

When you first startup the app, you are prompted to setup a Wickr account. It’s very straightforward, a username and password, and you’re on your way. The setup process takes a while, since Wickr does some “intense computation” to create and setup your account. During this process, the app plays a few slides showing you some of the key features.

After this, hit on the compose icon at the bottom of the screen, and add contacts. You can invite your friends to install Wickr so that you can communicate with them securely. They have to have Wickr installed for secure messaging. If they have it installed you can get started with secured messaging with them.

Apart from messaging, a real useful feature Wickr provides is an anti-forensic cleaning of your device. If you are worried about your phone’s deleted content being retrieved by others, you can head to the settings screen to run a Anti-Forensics wipe of the device so that deleted files cannot be retrieved.

At present only iOS devices are supported, with the developers mentioning that Android support on it’s way.

Wickr’s Claim to Fame

• Wickr has got fame for its ability to send messages, images and videos across its social networking domain with complete security.
• The files are completely encrypted before transmitting from one end to the other end.
• Unlike email messaging systems, Wickr will not maintain multiple copies of messages in various servers and hence, there is no fear of leakage of information.
• The messages will be destroyed automatically after reaching the destination.
• The messages and images on your phone cannot be viewed in appropriate ways like by pressing back key, etc.
• Only authorized users will be able to access your information.
• The new application will remove all the antecedent information to prevent exposure of your information.

Idea behind Wickr

The idea behind the development of the new application was coined when the plight of celebrities like film stars and athletes whose private messages become public which create an embarrassing situation for them. The application development was made possible with the active participation of specialists engaged in military security and computer crime investigations. The Wickr App developers are on an ambitious project to develop similar versions so that laptop and desktop users will be able to access emails in a secured way. It is reported that a secure plug-in will be developed to ensure safety through web browsers.

Market Talk

The new application is well received by different user segments. People engaged in prominent professions like medicine and law who would like to maintain secrecy in their day to day transactions and decisions will find the new application very helpful in concealing their exposure. Wickr as a social networking platform is growing at a steady pace and it is one of the best web applications that give least distraction to free users as it will not display advertisements. It will make money from premium users who would like to enjoy advanced features and additional privileges.

The application is available all over the world except in France where it has to get license regarding the implementation of encryption services.

Download Link:

iTunes Store | Android Coming Soon

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