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Towards the end of July ’10, Federico Carnales the author of the most popular Home replacement /Launcher app ever – LauncherPro , announced a new version called LauncherPro Plus which would contain several widgets exclusive to LauncherPro Plus users only !

The list of widgets include:

  • People Widget – To quickly access all your contacts, or just your favorites, or a particular group.

  • Bookmarks Widget – Quick access to your browser’s bookmarks

  • Calendar/Agenda Widget – Shows you a calendar you can scroll through to switch months, and also lets you see your agenda for any particular day right within the widget.

  • Messaging – Scroll through a list of your SMS messages or one by one. Quick links to delete messages, reply, etc.

  • Twitter Widget – Three different views: Timeline, Mentions, and Direct Messages.  There’s also a “Compose” button to write a new tweet.

  • Facebook  Widget – Similar to the Twitter widget. There’s two views: news feed and wall. You can switch between the two views with the buttons at the top, or use the “Compose” button to create a new post.

  • Upcoming Friends Widget – Lists your friend’s status updates from Facebook and Twitter, and lets you update your own status too.

How to get LauncherPro Plus??

The early-bird price for LauncherPro Plus was and still is(as of today) only $2.99 , and you can buy it today through Paypal using this link. The price will most likely go up once all widgets are included, so you’ll want to get in now to enjoy the discount.

-Once the transaction is complete, you will get a mail directly from Federico with a confirmation and an unlock key.
-Select Preferences from the LauncherPro options and scroll down to the Upgrade/unlock option.
-Enter your PayPal email address and the unlock key and restart the app. We now have LauncherPro Plus !!!

-To use the widgets, long press on any screen and select the option LauncherPro Widgets !

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