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Will Google Hold The Car Wheels?

Google Maps help you not only visit a location virtually but also lets you drive to the location physically. Google Car – the pet project from Google is on the anvil. Google has successfully conducted its initial field trials on driverless fully automated car. Last year it has tested the car on real roads. The trails were done on six Toyota and one Audi cars. As per Google’s information, except two accidents where in one accident, the automated car was hit at its rear end at the signal point, it was a safe milestone.

Google, Car, Android


These tests were conducted in all kinds of roads with different levels of traffic intensity including tough roads with steep curves. These cars roamed on bridges and lake sides also. These fully automated cars are occupied with Google engineers to control them in case of misrepresentation of data from the gadgets arranged inside, on the top and on front and back. This car can be mentioned as a science fiction turned into reality. As Google is able to map every city with all major and minor streets being mapped with a pin point precision to the location of your house, it is able to take the next challenge of running fully automated driverless car. Google claims that the development of this kind of cars is targeted to decrease the number of accidents caused on busy roads and to utilize the driving space on roads and energy at the optimum level.

We know that cruise control systems (to control brakes and turn the wheel) are common not only in all modern luxury cars but also in every new breed of cars rolled out from production line these days. The control system and software employed by Google is many more times incremental of this cruise control system. The tracking and control system deployed by Google has 4 radars. There are three radars on the front of the vehicle and one on the rear side. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) software gets its input from one video camera present inside the car, LIDAR sensor on top of the vehicle, 4 radar sensors and a sensor attached to the rear wheel. The sensor attached to the rear wheel will track the vehicle’s location on the map.

Google plans to develop its business by marketing the system and the extensive data to automobile corporate. In order to successfully launch on roads, it has to cross many technological hurdles and legal battles. As of now, there are laws to control vehicles which are manned by human drivers only. Either new bills are to be introduced or existing laws are to be modified to give room for fully automated cars on public roads. With the usage of automated cars, who will be held responsible in case of accident is to be sorted out. Google has achieved initial success by being able lobby with Nevada State. Nevada is the first state to allow driverless vehicles on road. First bill (amendment) allows licensing and testing of automated cars and second bill gives exemption to those who are sitting behind the wheel to send text messages from mobile.

Let us see how far Google driven car will take us by its safe and comfortable journey!

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