Wireless Device Strategies & it’s Implications

Wireless device strategies have paramount importance in the mobile device manufacturing industry. These strategies give an insight to the handheld communication device manufacturing companies. Gauging of present success and obtaining an insight for future growth in various aspects will give a definitive edge for the mobile device manufacturing companies.

Strategy Analytics is a pioneer in presentation of the service with respect to the wireless device strategies. The service predicts the handsets that will be in demand by type-wise, price-wise and form factor. It will also give forecast on handsets based on profitability, technology and protocols. Strategy Analytics is known for delivering mobile manufacturing company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics. It will also give accurate and consistent sales and shipment forecasts of mobile handsets.

By being informed well in advance, mobile manufactures will be able to capture potential handset markets spotted across various geographical locations. Mobile service providers can effectively target the handset price tiers that they can pocket on. Component manufacturers can focus on high-growth technologies. Handset manufactures can estimate the adaptability of budding technologies and plan production accordingly. It is possible to figure out the future of mobile phones promoted by operators. It is also possible to estimate the growth of Apple’s iPhones and the likely sales figures posted by them in the coming years and even by every quarter of the year.

Coming to the customer base of the Strategy Analytics, they are proud to have 13 of the 15 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in their bouquet. 5 out of the 10 semiconductor companies and more than 65% of the top 20 global mobile operators are willingly participating with Strategy Analytics. With the immense support provided by various manufacturers and technology leaders, companies that report on wireless device strategies will be able to provide the accurate and comprehensive data on device strategies. As the information is freely contributed to Strategy Analytics, they have the advantage in reporting the most authentic information in an effortless manner. Their forecasts have great weight and will not only influence the device manufacturers but also get the advantage of obtaining such elaborate information in quite inexpensive way. In order to get the same level of authentic information, companies have to invest huge sums of money as they have to undertake the entire project themselves. It is not only a huge budget but also the involvement of substantial time and effort in the entire process.

For over a decade, Strategy Analytics has contributed to the mobile device manufacturing industry by providing key information at each quarter of the year. The strategies released through these years was successfully utilized in the launch of 3D camera phones, dual – SIM handsets and Apple’s iPhones. Over the years device manufacturers are benefited through the implementation of user interface in tune with tastes announced by wireless device strategies. In a nutshell, device manufacturing companies will be able to implement effective strategies in tune with the figures announced by the agency that works towards reporting a more realistic and futuristic picture. Device manufacturing companies will not only save money but also channeling their investments to profit yielding designs and technologies.

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