With ‘No Wait’ app, you won’t wait for your dinner!

Apple is known for innovation and user-friendly features. Similar to Apple gadgets, Apple application developers are quick to launch innovative and entertaining applications. In fact, the innumerable number of useful applications brings fun and makes life easy and ever interesting. Applications are a great strength of Smartphones. These are useful to perform personal and business tasks.

By loading “No Wait” application in your iPad, you can relieve the burden of your guests by avoiding endless lines of waiting at the restaurant. The application will message your guests when a table is readily available for them.

Let us find out more about this useful application.

Endless difficulties

It will be really frustrating waiting in endless lines to get your turn to cherish the food of your choice. You will be waiting for a big shout of your name or a buzz on your pager. ‘No Wait’ will transform this scenario by equipping restaurant management with the ability to message their guest as soon the table is ready for them. Restaurant team is not required to keep track of the manual lists on papers and there is no requirement of shouting of names. The application makes the entire job easy, convenient and effortless.

Ease & Comfort offered by No Wait

We are living in an age where the technology is applied to give maximum comfort and convenience for human-beings. Users want quick solutions. Information is essential and it should be disseminated to the concerned parties immediately. By properly conveying the message by restaurant operators, guests can decide about their stay. In other words, the customer will not be kept in the dark. It is No Wait’s ‘What’s My Place’ feature that will notify the guests about the possible wait time. The message will be conveyed through a text message.

As the guests wait for their turn by being informed through the wait list number, the restaurant team will be able to suggest them a little drink choices or a menu through mobiles. The application is meant for guest who will visit restaurants without making reservations. The hosts (restaurant team) will be able to send a ‘thank you’ message as well when guests leave the restaurant after taking the food. As the application will synchronize the data among iPads, iPhones and iPods, all the team members that are dealing with the guests will be updated with the required information. No Wait is available in three different plans for restaurant owners. They can choose one as per their requirement and make substantial gains by improving traffic on their dining tables.


• By offering unique and customer-friendly services, restaurants will run in profits.
• By using the application not only for conveying messages to customers about the availability of tables but also conveying various attractive offers, you can draw those guests again and again. This will certainly improve your business.
• On the other hand, customers will be delighted to avail state of the art information facilities.
• It is a great way to be informed and they will be able to spend their time effectively by not wasting for their turn.

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No Wait App from iTunes

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