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If you’re interested in taking a peek at how the weather is in Barcelona or Tokyo, an app you’ll have to check out on your iOS device is World Live Cams Pro. This cam allows you to take a peek at other cities through public web cams installed  across the globe.

Using the feed from these public cameras, you can take a look at various locations across the world like Zoos, Parks, Offices, Restaurants and lots more locations. According to the authors of the app, they keep adding new feeds all the time.

The latest version of the app (currently 1.1) allows you to also hook the app to your own IP Camera installed at your home or office. This allows you to keep an eye out at these locations remotely. In order to do that, you’ll have to sign into the app using your Facebook, Windows Live, Twitter or Yahoo account. Once you log in, you’ll be able to add the IP address & Port number and choose the Camera’s model number from the list to add your camera’s feed to the app. Note that if you want your camera’s feed to be available from anywhere, you’ll have to make sure your camera has a publicly accessible IP address.

World Live Cams Pro is available from iTunes App store for $0.99 and is available at this link. You can get more information about the app from the publisher’s site at

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