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Here’s a game I got acquainted with when their app went on sale on Google’s Celebrating 25 Billion Download offer.

The World of Goo is a physics game where you get to advance levels by solving the puzzles in that level. In this game, the puzzles revolve around building structures with Gooballs and liberating as many of them as you can per level by getting as many of them as you can to the pipe.

The playful and often eeire graphics of the game, are really good and lends to the gameplay. The clever puzzles are another reason why I got hooked on this game.

As you progress in levels, you have to take the help of other objects in that level like balloons to levitate gates and the Gooballs themselves to the  get to the nearest exit pipe. It’s quite easy to clear the levels if you use your brain power, and at the same time some levels can really stump you. Remember to click on the signboard to get hints on each level.

The publishers of this game, 2D Boy, have really stretched themselves in getting this game out on quite  few platforms. World of Goo is available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad from iTunes Store, Google Play for Android phones. For the desktop, you can get the Windows, Mac or Linux Versions. They’ve also got a Wii version as well!

This is a paid game, but they have a demo version of the game available on these platforms as well so go ahead and take it for a spin to see if you want to put in the cash for the full version. Here’s a video trailer of the game to get you started off on the World of Goo.

Download Links:

iPhone, iPod and iPad from iTunes Store | Google Play for Android phones


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