World of ROMs on the SGS: How to Videos

While we had written a couple of how to’s for the SGS, including the Groundwork, more is always better.

However, that was back in the Froyo days. We’ve since moved on to Gingerbread, and there’s even been a 2.3.4 update recently. And people do find it easier to see what needs to be done. So, here are a couple of Videos courtesy TotallydubbedHD on youtube, who happens to be an active member on the Darky Rom Community and on XDA.

Of course, you SHOULD STILL ROOT AND USE TITANIUM BACKUP to maintain a backup of your apps + data. While it is recommended to not restore system data while restoring your backups while switching bases (JVH,JVO, JVP, and many more), I haven’t had a problem so far. Your experience may vary though, so be prepared. Need to know how to root your phone to use Titanium Backup? Here’s an easy way:

Anyways, if you’re happy with Froyo, here’s a video of how to do that. Links are provided in the Video, including ODIN, which you will need to flash. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll be set.

Already on Froyo and want to move to a Stable Gingerbread Edition? Here’s how. First Flash the JVH Base ROM (You’ll need the bootloaders, and you can flash this over anything.)

And then Flash any JVH rom you want via CWM Recovery. You can follow the video below, the steps to flashing most roms will be the same. Of course, if the ROM you want is a JVO ROM, just download the JVO base rom and flash via ODIN as in the video above and flash the ROM you want just like the video below.

Feel that your battery life/WiFi Signal/Phone Signal isn’t upto scratch? Use a different modem. Here’s how:

Want to change the look of your phone? Flash a new theme! Here’s how:

Oh and want to flash the lastest 2.3.4? (WARNING! BETA STILL)

Again, we are not responsible for anything that could happen to your phone. Having said that, if you follow all the steps properly, there shouldn’t be any problem. we’ve flashed a wide variety of ROMs on the Galaxy S, screwed up a couple of times, and the phone is still running perfectly. Go ahead.. It’s a disease called Flashitis now.

Thanks to @Totallydubbed for the guides.

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