Would you buy more “Apples”?

So, iPad 2 is launched !!

There was a time when an Apple a day kept the doctor away, but with Apple launching products one after the other, one must re-think before “over consumption”. Before you jump up and down thinking that iPad 2 might have what iPad 1 did not, let’s get a reality check for a probability that might hit us.

iPad will have Future Versions too – You thought iPad was “The Fad”; the one thing you must have before you call your colleagues to dinner at home. But it seems Apple can’t have enough of its own products. And to keep the name ‘iPad’ echoing in your minds it keeps launching new sequels. iPad 2 is just a mid-season refreshed design of the original iPad, reduced in size, with additional dual cameras, but the same display, well maybe sleeker. Apple couldn’t get the retina display ready for a Spring launch, so they seem to be providing the masses with something to bite on till they work on their actual reformed version of the iPad. And once the iPad 3 comes out, these same consumers will curse Apple and themselves. Sounds sense; isn’t it !!

[ad#ga-cbox-right]Owning an iPad – If you’re tempted towards the iPad 2, you already have the iPad, so the cat’s out of the bag. And if you’re not tempted, then you are wise money-wise and will scan the market before making a decision. iPad 2 is the same machine, with a little more RAM, better graphic chip, camera and a slimmer form factor.  So unless you’re an avid gamer, or some one hooked on Apple’s Facetime, stick with your iPad for now, and wait for our light to turn green before you rush ahead.

Is Steve really on the Job ? – Steve Jobs has been the pioneer of Apple products in the last decade, and it is only after his meticulous and miniscule observation that all the products are passed. He has a neurotic attention to detail and that is the one reason for the incomparable finish of Apple products. But Jobs has been on medical leave, which means that there might have been some overlooking where the details are concerned, and one cannot be absolutely certain of the quality of iPad 2. The question is whether Apple has someone to fill into Jobs’ shoes. Although they do maintain that Jobs oversees all products, but in the illness he might not be able to be as hands-on as he normally is.

Probable Hidden Competitiors for iPad – With a product as successful as iPad, it is an impossibility that other companies have not noticed its composition, make-up, marketing and manufacturing. Even though no one has tried to compete on the functionality or price, it is difficult to say how it will be in the future. The future competitors are likely to come from the HP/Palm partnership and from the Android world. In the beginning they might not seem like huge competition, but who’s to say it may not escalate into a stiffer threat. And that is when you might want to scan the market and find the product that is worth its price, without needing the overpowering guidance of Apple.

Removable Storage is certainly an issue – iPad 2 was rumored to have an SD slot, but this violates Apple’s Gestapo approach to hardware design. Now the rumor mongers contemplate that there won’t be an SD card slot, thus wiping any practical, non-camera advantage of the iPad 2 over the original. All in all it might not actually be worth the contemplation of an iPad 2 till Apple can come up with some head-turning changes in iPad. Don’t hold your breath for this one !!

If you are looking for the major changes between the original iPad vs. iPad2, Washington Post has this comparision:


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