Xbox Kinect – Taking You To A New World!!

If you are a gamer, you are hooked! You just can’t escape this awesome innovation launched by Xbox – Kinect. The best thing is that, Kinect uses PrimeSense technology. It can sense gestures body movements using an infra-red emitter and a camera. The camera picks up the infrared signal from 48 points on your body and compares it with a skeletal model. All this happens in real time, almost! Above all, it seems that the software can also track the fluid movements in your body. Not just motion, but this addon can detect your voice and facial expression too. Kinect, launched by the end of 2010 made an overwhelming sale; Microsoft predicted a 3 million but the sales went up to 8 million in 2 months leading to an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest selling consumer electronic product in the history. This technology without doubt will revolutionize video game industry where the players can compete without hand controllers and even wires.

While Nintendo’s Wii allowed game control without using wires to connect to connect to handset. But Kinect allows gamers to go hands-free remote controlling of screen options. They don’t have to hold a remote control or press a button, their body movements will suffice. The gamers can even navigate the Xbox 360 menu using their speech; the camera can recognize different players. To celebrate the launch a pet game has also been created with the name “Kinectimals“. The accuracy of the software is such that it knows where the player is in a three dimensional map up to a precision of 1cm in depth and 3 mm in height and width.

[ad#ga-cbox-left]The infrared traces 20 joint movements and 48 part’s in real time to achieve this. It seems that the response time is a fraction higher than it would take to respond to a button press – but hang on, this is just perhaps a 30th of a second. The players can see and hear all other players and characters in the game. So you no longer have to be a couch potato playing indoor video games. And your gaming addiction won’t be blamed for obesity either. You can indeed feed your game thirst and workout as well at the same time. Good for health, in short!

The technology is not just for gaming. The motion sensing and controller-free device principle is reaching out to PC and TV companies. Home cinema systems and cable set top boxes will be spiced up with this technology. So you can play with Blue Ray menus and slide shows in a literally “Minority Report” style skimming rather than pressing the boring up-down remote buttons. But this feature is not so welcomed by most people. Some say that they would look like an idiot waving hands in front of the TV when attempting to change channels. And even more, there is a higher chance that other members of the house can unintentionally control the device. It is not known if there exists a way where we can ‘lock’ the system for operations when detecting movement from a particular motion. Or may be we should be able to set only one person’s motion as the key while watching movies as a family?

Well anyway, this technology is so promising and will certainly take us to a new world we haven’t experienced so far. However, there’s always critics against anything.


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